Tour die Kapellen
(Tour of the Chapels)

Tour die Kapellen is a one-day ride held in mid-July. It is open to riders of all ages (under 18 must have a parent riding, too).


There are multiple ride routes to enjoy but each one travels through rolling countrysides. Choose from a family fun ride, short distance course, gravel ride,  or be a true adventurer on the 75+ mile course.


Tour die Kapellen is German for "Tour of the Chapels." The ride was created when a spunky group of cyclists from the Hays Area Bicyclists decided it was time for a ride that showcased the area, honored the Volga-Germans who shaped it, and benefitted the historical churches they built.

TdK 2022: Saturday, July 9, 2022!

The Hays Area Bicyclists

Bicyclists with a love for Western Kansas and an appreciation of
Volga-German History and Architecture.

Our mission is to develop an awareness of the Hays area Biking Community, to capitalize on the many treasures of the small-town community, and provide an opportunity to explore the rural terrain.


We will:
Support fitness through cycling and promote “Bike Hays”.
Promote Volga-German history and church architecture.
Promote our award-winning food, beverage, and music industry.
Cultivate relationships between the fitness community, the business community and the church community.
Stimulate activity in businesses, galleries, and shops.

The organizers of the annual Tour die Kapellen Bike Ride.

Special Experiences

“For several hours we were just people enjoying the ride, the scenery, the SAGS, and the churches. No hostility. No you against us. Just a great day of fellowship admiring God's hand work thank you for that! What a blessing!”

2021 TdK Partcipant

The Basilica of St. Fidelis-Victoria-2.jpg

A Look Back

A huge thank you to those who rode with us in the 2021 Tour die Kapellen! With the help of our donors, sponsors, and registration fees, we are proud to announce that nearly $12,000 has been distributed between four of the Ellis County historic churches and Hays Symphony! We hope you enjoy scrolling through photos from the 2021 event. We'll see you in 2022!